Quantum Information Processing

Innovation is our passion and our business: We analyze business cases, use cases, plan proof-of-concepts and thus enable our customers to assess the relevance for their own business.

The strange theory of quantum mechanics was discovered a hundred years ago, but we are just now starting to apply it to information technology. Quantum technologies promise much, but with a bit of realism, what applications can we expect in the next decade?

Quantum Algorithms

We are investigating the potential of quantum algorithms on NISQ computers for use cases from commercial environments that are not yet accessible to today’s computers.

So far, we see research focused on computations with theoretical relevance, such as Google’s paper in 2019. Our task is to develop the first actual useful applications of quantum computers in the next few years.

For example, here is our replication of quantum simulations of molecular processes:

Quantum Cryptography

We integrate quantum cryptography into our customers’ security architecture.

Quantum mechanics can be used to transfer information in a provably secure manner. The technology is ready for the market, point-to-point links are already in operation, and the construction of communication networks culminating in the Quantum Internet has begun.

In addition, quantum systems can generate truly random numbers in large quantities. These are used deep in the core of today’s encryption protocols to protect data, and we will need them in ever-increasing quantities as our data volumes continue to grow.


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