Cyber risks - Cloud is the solution, not the problem

Why are security incidents happening so often?

Year after year it is getting worse - more incidents and bigger damages - despite our continued efforts in security. Securing a data center from infrastructure to applications takes immense effort due to innumerable connections on the inside and to the outside. This price only a few businesses are willing to pay and as a result, most IT risks are not managed consistently. The next damage will occur earlier than expected and be more extensive than imagined.

What should be done?

Businesses should realize how their diverse in-house IT seduced them to overcommit to risk and how to stop the habit.

  • The only logical solution is to reduce the exposition.

    Too often, attempts to improve security by increasing efforts have only provided short-term results and failed in the long term.

  • Strategically, moving your computing to the cloud may be the best answer.

    Cloud providers manage the computing infrastructure in compliance with high security standards at scale.

  • Businesses can refocus their IT experts on their specific applications.

    In a much smaller scope, the probability of an incident can be reduced much more effectively.

The critical success factor to achieve this transition is the cloud know-how:

  • The interface to the cloud services must be managed in terms of security.
  • Applications should be deployed with a life cycle view on low operational efforts

We deliver technical solutions and help you minimize your risks with our in-depth know-how of the cloud.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The market leader may be an obvious choice, and we agree: In the past 5 years we have been implementing ever-larger environments on AWS with up to several thousand CPU cores.
We architect your cloud solution fully compliant with the security requirements of your industry.
For the largest companies from the financial sector, we work together with the design, implementation, and operations teams to reach and maintain the security standards in line with regulatory requirements.

Microsoft Azure

The trend to deployments on Azure is growing, also because it is a natural choice for customers with deployments of Microsoft Windows or SQL Server.
We develop the overall security concept and make sure that your first steps into Azure are safe.

Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud

It may or may not surprise you, but Google may have the best service for your specific use case in machine learning or artificial intelligence.
Alibaba would be natural choice for your presence in China.
We can support you also on Google Cloud and Alibaba.
For an example please see Finding AWS keys with Google BigQuery on Github data